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Welcome Windows CE Remote API (RAPI) to the managed world

Posted by Gaurav Khanna on February 15, 2005

At the last Mobile and Embedded DevCon held at Bangalore, India, I spoke about the Windows CE Remote API, better known as RAPI.

RAPI is currently not available in the .NET Framework. To alleviate this issue, I have started working on a managed RAPI to get the functionality in the managed world – following is how the code looks like:

CERapi rapi = newCERapi();

if(rapi.Init(5000) != InitReturnCode.Success)
Console.WriteLine(“Unable to initialize RAPI”);
Console.WriteLine(“Initialized RAPI”);

CESystemInformation si = rapi.SystemInformation;

// Processor Details
Console.WriteLine(“Processor Architecture: {0}”,si.ProcessorType.ToString());
Console.WriteLine(“Processor Level: {0}”,si.ProcessorLevel);

// OS Details
Console.WriteLine(“OS: {0}”,si.OSPlatform.ToString());
Console.WriteLine(“Version: {0}.{1}.{2}”,si.MajorVersion,si.MinorVersion,si.BuildNumber);
Console.WriteLine(“CSD: {0}”,si.CSDVersion);

// Storage Details
Console.WriteLine(“Total Storage: {0} MB”,si.StoreTotalSize/(1024.0*1024.0));
Console.WriteLine(“Free Storage: {0} MB”,si.StoreFreeSize/(1024.0*1024.0));

Console.WriteLine(“Temp Folder: {0}”,si.TempFolderPath);
Console.WriteLine(“Programs Folder: {0}”,si.GetSpecialFolder(CESpecialFolder.Programs));

// shutdown RAPI
if(rapi.Shutdown() == false)
Console.WriteLine(“Unable to shutdown RAPI”);

At the last And heres’ the sample output:


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