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CERapi – Using CEFolder and CEFile

Posted by Gaurav Khanna on April 1, 2005

CERapi allows you to work with the file system of the Windows CE device and the snippet below shows how easy it is to do the same:

// Working with device folders

CEFolder rootFolder = newCEFolder(\\storage\\My Documents);
Console.WriteLine(“Path: {0}”,rootFolder.Path);
Console.WriteLine(“Total Files: {0}”,rootFolder.TotalFileCount);
Console.WriteLine(“Total SubFolders: {0}”,rootFolder.TotalSubFolderCount);

// Copy File from desktop
Console.WriteLine(“Move C:\\CASDEMO.TXT to device: {0}”,rootFolder.MoveFileFromDesktop(“c:\\CASDEMO.TXT”).ToString());
[] arrFolders = rootFolder.SubFolders;
foreach(stringstrFolder in
Console.WriteLine(“SubFolder: {0} “,strFolder);


string[] arrFiles = rootFolder.Files;
foreach(stringstrFile in
Console.WriteLine(“File: {0} “,strFile);


Console.WriteLine(“Parent Folder: {0}”, rootFolder.ParentFolder);
Console.WriteLine(“Archive: {0}”,rootFolder.IsArchive.ToString());
Console.WriteLine(“Created on: {0}”,rootFolder.CreationTime.ToString());
Console.WriteLine(“LastAccessed on: {0}”,rootFolder.LastAccessTime.ToString());
Console.WriteLine(“LastWritten on: {0}”,rootFolder.LastWriteTime.ToString());
Console.WriteLine(“Size: {0}”,rootFolder.Size.ToString());
Console.WriteLine(“OID on: {0}”,rootFolder.OID.ToString());
Console.WriteLine(“CreateFolder: {0}”,rootFolder.CreateFolder(“SubFolder”).ToString());
Console.WriteLine(“DeleteFolder: {0}”,rootFolder.DeleteFolder(“SubFolder”).ToString());

Download CERapi from


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