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Sharing Contacts from PocketPC – the vCard way

Posted by Gaurav Khanna on August 27, 2005

One of the features I miss in PocketPC is that of sharing contact details with other people without requiring to beam them off Bluetooth – basically meaning sending the data as a message to the recipient in question. A lot of other devices support such a functionality and I have had more than one occasion when I wished that such a feature was present in PocketPC device.

This lead me to explore on how to implement such a functionality and that too, in a standardized manner. This resulted me in looking up RFC 2426 (the spec. can be read here) – the vCard specification that allows us to share such information.

Soon, I was implementing a class library, vCardCE, for Windows Mobile 5.0 based PocketPC that allowed you to create a RFC 2426 compliant vCard:

  1. by setting few properties of the class, or
  2. by generating it from POOM Contact object – based out of Windows Mobile 5.0.

vCardCE currently supports the following attributes of RFC 2426:

  • Firstname
  • Middlename
  • Lastname
  • Home Address
  • Work Address
  • Title
  • Email Address
  • Photo (pointed via URL)
  • Website Address

The generated vCard is v3.0 compliant. Next, I wrote an application to share my contacts as vCard using vCardCE and came up with ShareContacts for PocketPC :

Tried and tested it with phones that understand vCard – and it works great to share contacts 🙂

You can download it from It requires Windows Mobile 5.0 based Pocket PC and .NET Compact Framework 2.0.


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