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[Download] vCardCE10 – vCard generation library for .NET Compact Framework 1.0

Posted by Gaurav Khanna on September 26, 2005

Few weeks back, I had written ShareContacts – an application for Windows Mobile 5.0 based PocketPC that could be used to share contacts, using the vCard format, with other devices.

Since it was done using .NET Compact Framework 2.0, and also used some APIs specific to Windows Mobile 5.0, I decided to work upon it and get the (almost) same functionality to Windows Mobile 2003 platform.

The result is vCardCE10 – class library that allows you to set few properties and generate a vCard that can be sent as a SMS to share contacts with other devices. All done as per RFC 2426. vCardCE10 is built using .NET Compact Framework 1.0 and is targeted for PocketPC 2003 and SmartPhone 2003 platforms. It comes with complete documentation and can be downloaded from

Usage is as simple as the snippet shown below:

vCardCE objVCard = new vCardCE();

objVCard.Title = “Mr.”;
objVCard.FirstName = “Gaurav”;
objVCard.LastName = “Khanna”;
objVCard.WorkPhone = “+911234567890”;
string strVCard = objVCard.GenerateVCard(); // send this via SMS to share contact detail


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