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[Download] WS-Sudoku: Multi-player Sudoku over Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)

Posted by Gaurav Khanna on February 9, 2006

WS-Sudoku has two facets:

WS-Sudoku is my implementation of the Sudoku game that allows multi-player game. An individual can start a game in service mode, to which other players can connect to and solve the game together.

The game uses WSDualHttpBinding and uses callback contracts, in a publisher-subscriber model, for notifying all connected players about the moves made by other players. As players join or exit the game, the notifications are sent in real time to other players in the game. It has been built using WCF November CTP. You would require the following components to be installed on your machine:

Below is a screen shot of the game:

Finally, it can be installed using ClickOnce so that it will auto-update itself when updated for more features.

To download as a zipped archive, or install it over-the-web, visit

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[Tip] Taking quick inputs in WinForm applications

Posted by Gaurav Khanna on February 2, 2006

There are frequent scenarios when we need to take inputs from the user but which dont warrant designing a form to take the input. For such scenarios, use the Interaction class’s static InputBox method, which is based in Microsoft.VisualBasic assembly. Sample usage is below:

string strServiceMachine = Interaction.InputBox(“Enter the IP Address/Name of the machine running Sudoku Game service:”, this.Text, null,-1,-1);

Very similar to VB6’s InputBox function.

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