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WinToolZone.Bluetooth – Added device enumeration support

Posted by Gaurav Khanna on July 6, 2006

WinToolZone.Bluetooth, the managed Bluetooth API for the desktop that I am working on, now has the support for enumerating devices as well. The snippet below exemplifies it:

    Bluetooth bth = new Bluetooth();
    // EnumRadios(bth);

    if (bth.RefreshDevices(false, true, true, true, true, null) == false)
         Console.WriteLine("Unable to enum devices");

    foreach (BluetoothDevice device in bth.Devices)
         Console.WriteLine("Devicename: {0}", device.Name);
         Console.WriteLine("LastSeen: {0}", device.LastSeen.ToString());
         Console.WriteLine("LastUsed: {0}", device.LastUsed.ToString());
         Console.WriteLine("Connected: {0}", device.IsConnected.ToString());
         Console.WriteLine("Remembered: {0}", device.IsRemembered.ToString());
         Console.WriteLine("Authenticated: {0}", device.IsAuthenticated.ToString());
         Console.WriteLine("DeviceClass: {0}", device.DeviceClassID);
         Console.WriteLine("Address: {0}\n", device.Address.ToString());

And below is an output screenshot:

Bluetooth device enumeration output using WinToolZone.Bluetooth

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