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Programming the Transactional NTFS (TxF)

Posted by Gaurav Khanna on March 1, 2007

One of the key new features of Windows Vista is a component called the Kernel Transaction Manager (KTM) that brings inherent support for transactional development in not just the kernel-mode but also for user mode. Infact, NTFS has been enhanced to use and support transactions such that couple of new APIs (e.g. CopyFileTransacted, MoveFileTransacted just to name a few) have surfaced up. You can get more details on Transactional NTFS here.

To demonstrate the power of the new APIs, I wrote a C++ class library (unmanaged), CTransCopy, that allows you to:

  • Copy files under a transaction
  • Move files under a transaction
  • Commit or Rollback the transaction
  • Let you wire up a callback handler for copy/move progress

You can download it from The zipped archive also contains a sample client source code. BTW, since the .LIB file containing the class was compiled using VC++ 2005 compiler, you will need the same to link against it and write an application. You can use VC++ 2005 Express Edition. Below is an example usage of the same:

CTransCopy tcopy;

if (tcopy.IsOSSupported() == FALSE)
printf(“This application requires Windows Vista or later.”);
return -1;

if (tcopy.Init() == FALSE)
printf(“Init failed with error %08X\n”,tcopy.LastError());
return -1;

// Setup a callback for progress

if (tcopy.CopyFileW(L”D:\\KGK\\Development\\VS\\Windows Vista\\VC\\TransCopy\\debug\\transcopy.pdb”,
L”D:\\transcopy.pdb”,FALSE) == FALSE)
printf(“Copy/move failed with error %08X\n”,tcopy.LastError());
return -1;

if (tcopy.Rollback() == FALSE)
printf(“Rollback failed with error %08X\n”,tcopy.LastError());
return -1;

if (tcopy.Commit() == FALSE)
printf(“Commit failed with error %08X\n”,tcopy.LastError());
return -1;

printf(“Copy/move successful!\n”);

The ProgressCallback function is implemented as shown below:

void ProgressCallback(LARGE_INTEGER total, LARGE_INTEGER transferred)
double percent = (transferred.QuadPart*100.00)/total.QuadPart;
printf(“%f%% over\n”,percent);


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